Today’s To Do

- No Blogs
- No Politics
- An extra circuit of the body weight.
- IronMinds grips. They got subbed out last minute yesterday…
- Oil change.

Five Points for Saturday

My internet fell down and went boom:

- No blogs.
- No political news.
- Cook chili, because I love making chili.
- Wash the juicer
- IronMinds grips, ten times per hand. Somehow lost this from my lists lately. — Did some extra writing planning instead.

Leg Differences.

Around the largest part of my calf: The left is about 1.25″ smaller around.
Around the quad, just above the knee: The left is about 5/8″ smaller.

Red Dragon Weed Torch

Oh my God.

If you have a yard, this Red Dragon Weed Torch will be the coolest thing you can ever buy.

I just destroyed a bunch of ant hills and weeds with it. I wanted to call myself the Pyromancer the whole time. This makes being in the heat worth every second of it.

Who knew being an adult could be this fun? PYROMANIACS like me.

The Zoe Quinn Thing.

The question of the day: Is Zoe Quinn a whore?

Does it really matter?

Look, regardless of how you feel about “slut-shaming” or whatever: Zoe Quinn apparently slept with at least one member of the gaming media. At least some of her success is due to her using her vagina to get ahead.

Much like false rape accusations this actually does hurt other women. Now women who are making games that are good and getting good reviews may be looked on with unjust suspicion. Because you can get a lot of press by throwing around some sex. Is this fair? No, not really. Is it the truth, though? Yeah, I think so. Especially if they remind anyone of Zoe Quinn.

Another aspect of this: There are charges she manufactured the “raid” on her to get her game Greenlit. There’s also some evidence she’s lied about being gay for attention.

These are serious personality defects. These should give anyone defending her pause. She is doing more harm to women, and women in gaming, than a thousand internet trolls. Internet trolls are useless and don’t accomplish anything. They just blather until they get bored or ignored. This woman has done real, actual damage to people.

The problem that is arising is pretty easy: People want to defend her because she’s “special” by default. She’s a woman in a traditionally male space. She’s done weird things with her appearance. She wrote a game about depression. She’s the indiest indie person ever. We must defend her because… she’s a she! EQUAL TREATMENT NOW, DEFEND THIS WOMAN BECAUSE SHE’S A WOMAN!

Wait, what?

Reverse the genders. We have a goofy looking man cheat on his girlfriend with five women, including his married boss and at least one woman who is covering his career — and does so positively. Does he automatically get defended on all corners of the internet?

Well, maybe if he’s a Democrat, and it’s not his boss but a subordinate half his age…

She did some things wrong. She should own up to it and accept the consequences.

21 Shots.

I am one point away from another full day. It might seem like I’m too easy on myself, and maybe I am, but I am doing stuff I wouldn’t normally do.

Friday’s Goals.

Working on today’s 21 Points still, but tomorrow:

- Get a scale, so I can weigh myself and track progress/regression.
- Measure my legs, around, to see how far off the left is from normal.
- Deal with the larger ant issue, now that I dealt with the smaller one.
- Make more juice; I’ll need some more tomato for that. I should be able to make enough for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
- There is a great deal of grass needs cutting… Use Weed Dragon!!

Thursdays Five Goals

- Fix the button on this one shirt I like.
- Wash the juicer. Yeah this is cheaping out but it’s soaking.
- Standing desk, half the day.
- Knock out the rest of the week’s goals at work.
- Edit some of what’s been written for the newest Cigars and Legs book.

I am a cold shower and a sleep mask away from three days of 21 points straight. My body is tired but my mind is happy.