Sprint 2, Standup… 1?!

I have totally dropped the ball this Sprint so far. Well, sort of. I’ve missed the first week worth of standups, but:

– I hit my goal and then some Friday.
– I hit my goal yesterday.
– I hit my goal today, though that’s more an item for tomorrow since Standup is supposed to be early not late.

So far, that puts me at 3/7, under 50%, so I’ve got to get myself in gear again. There’s no “make up” for missed days. A day without writing is a day without writing; the time is gone.

I need to come up with a better, centralized way to keep track of my notes for story ideas, though. It really is a pain to come up with a great arc/character/etc, and then not even be able to remember the villain’s name that is written on a legal pad somewhere in the stack of notes.