Movie Reviews: Ground Rules

I’m going to be reviewing movies starting Monday, partially just for the fun of it. I’ve got notes about how I want to do this, but there are a few things I’m going to focus on and highlight:

– If it’s a monster movie of any sort, what sort of monster is it. Some movies have ghosts and demons, some it’s just folk, others, it’s a creation like a robot.

– Does the movie have violence? Is the violence realistic, over the top, or is there gore? Torture or rape? (Hopefully not the latter; I find those scenes uncomfortable.)

– How well do they use guns? Typically Hollywood understands guns about as well as most people from Hollywood understand anything of any significance. Guns never run out of bullets, folks fly backward far further than realistically, and they cock guns repeatedly… without expelling unspent rounds.

– How is the acting? As these are going to start out being B-movies, this is going to have a low starting threshold.

– Is there nudity? Is it gratuitous? I can see a case for folks wanting to avoid that or at least know about it, depending on who they are going to watch the movie with. Is there sex? Nobody likes being surprised when watching a flick in mixed company.

(For the definition of gratuitous I’ll be using: if the scene were removed for the old 1990s USA late night movie block, would it be detrimental to the plot?)

– Is it actually scary/creepy?

– How is the pacing? Anyone who has seen their share of B-movies understands that sometimes it feels like they’re stretching it just to hit a minimum minute mark.

Above all, the big thing will be: is it entertaining?

See you here on Monday for the first review of Movie Monday: the 1993 sci-fi film Mandroid.