Sprint End, Sprint Begin: 10 to 11.

Retro on Sprint 10: This was my most successful sprint since sprint 1 or 2. That’s a pretty big change over the course of really only two weeks.

What I Did Well: I recognized that I was the problem, and made moves to correct that. I didn’t keep a good standup record, but I wrote more this sprint than I have in close to any other. That’s a good change.

What I Could Improve: That first week stunk.

As an aside, I’ve kept to my movie review schedule four weeks in a row now. I’m trying to mix in enough new Full Moon movies and not just go all out on sequels; the Mandroid movies were different enough to include the lone sequel. Additional posts are a good thing. I think I’m going to do a nice round 13 of the Full Moon movies and then change it up in October.

Sprint 11 plans: Some pen-name experimental writing.