Movie Review: Bad Channels

This one was weird in a different way than I expected after last week: Bad Channels. 

There’s a hip new DJ at KDUL radio station and he’s about to make rock history. He’s Dangerous Dan O’Dare, a controversial and he’s going to give his listeners the time of their life!

This movie waa great, in a way. It was funny, it was a breath of fresh air. There was a clear monster and a B-movie quality to the ending and the plot. I liked it.

The movie starts off introducing the over the top goofballs that make up the cast. They get across right away that this is a light hearted flick. They soon introduce the aliens who are bizarre, low budget – and just what the movie needs.

The violence is mostly between humans and the fungus aliens. There is also a robot. And shrinking women. The gun use is pretty minor but didn’t offend me – nobody really used a gun inappropriately enough to stand out, no guns fired an insane amount without reloading. There was only over the top alien fungor.

The acting is average mostly but some of the actors were worse than others. A lot of the “bad” was actually funny, and seemed intentional. This movie doesn’t take itself seriously. Which is a good thing.

I dug it. A solid B-movie: silly and fun, low budget, but good at what it does.

Running Time: One hour, twenty one minutes and change.
Acting: It fit with the film, but average to below average.
Effects: Goofy and fun. I liked them.
Violence: Yes but quite over the top.
Gun Use:: Decent for Hollywood.
Gore: How do you feel about fungus?
Creepy? Not a bit.
Monster Type? Fungus aliens.
Funny? Yes.
Nudity: No.
Pacing: It was a riot.