Movie Review: Friday the 13th Part 3

The final movie in our little set of horror (mostly slashers): Friday the 13th Part 3:

An idyllic summer turns into a nightmare of unspeakable terror for yet another group of naive counselors. Ignoring Camp Crystal Lake’s bloody legacy, one by one they fall victim to the maniacal Jason who stalks them at every turn… “Friday the 13th, Part 3” will have you frozen with fear, as Jason finds his way into your living room!

Of the four series I reviewed this go ’round, Friday the 13th is without a doubt my favorite. Why? Well, while Halloween is definitely the more traditional, Nightmare has the more entertaining villain, and the Body Snatchers have the most insidious and creepy villain, Friday is the over-all goofier, fun, more B-movie type franchise. They put a lot of punch in the kills, but they’re also just somewhat fun movies. This one is no exception, especially with the 3D effects (if you can find a 3D version).

One great thing about this movie is the appearance of the trio of 80s villains aside from Jason: a multi-ethnic biker gang prone to obnoxious behavior including but not limited to ridiculous, uncalled for laughter. I don’t know what was going on with villains in the 1980s but they all look like punk rock rejects on cartoon-style laughing gas. Bonus points if you spot a switchblade, a random chain, or a bit of junk being used as a weapon. I think I saw all three in this movie. Of course, these villains realize too late they’re in the wrong movie and are not as bad ass as Jason Vorhees.

This movie also has the typical, multi-generational overweight funny guy who no one seems to actually like. I’m not sure why they brought this dude with them.

This movie hits all the slasher notes just about, in addition to the random 80s biker villain notes: There are absolutely awesome deaths (especially in 3D), a girl gets killed after getting nude, and a last girl who has some connection to the franchise. Also, despite being the THIRD movie, this is the first movie where Jason has the famous hockey mask — one he borrows from the comic relief character.

While the movie is older than I am, it is also a good addition to the franchise and one that I have fond feelings toward — again, especially with the 3D aspects — but it is not necessarily the best in the franchise by any means. It’s a good movie — it’s a great third movie in any series, as it adds to the established lore. I cannot over-state seeing the moment Jason gets that hockey mask for the first time. It is a nostalgia fest of a slasher. Also, Jason kills several annoying people.

Eventually I’ll return to these movies and review the rest of them (Invasion, the remaining Fridays, the remaining Nightmares, and the remaining Halloweens), and hopefully by then I can add-on the Hellraiser series… if they ever get the new remake done. Next set of movies will be a mix of 13 newer horro movies: some Blumhouse production horrors and the Conjuring/Annabelle series, starting with the “firsts” in the series’.

As for Friday the 13th Part 3 (3D), I give it a solid A- (that’s A-minus) as a slasher. Anyone who is a fan of the genre or the series should see this film.

Report Card:
Running Time: An hour thirty-five.
Acting: All over the place.
Effects: Great given the context of the year.
Violence: You think?
Gun Use: N/A.
Gore: There’s definitely some squick in this movie.
Creepy? Not really.
Monster Type? Superhuman.
Funny? Yes.
Nudity: Topless female nudity.
Pacing: A little jerky between kills.