Give Future You Thoughtful Gifts

And helpful gifts

This is a short but super helpful idea: Give yourself helpful and thoughtful gifts. Now, these can be just about anything, but some of the things I’m really appreciating the value of are:

– times I’ve anticipated that something might go wrong, and left myself an out. This can be anything from remembering to pack a back-up lunch that doesn’t have to be refrigerated and leaving it in the office, to having a re-usable spork type thing in my lunchbox, to paying a bill ahead of time. Just things where I might forget something, handled before I forget it. Another example: a full can of gas in the shed for the lawnmower. Nothing sucks like getting halfway through and then having to drive to get gasoline.

– Another similar, gas related idea: I try not to get below a half tank. Because I might be in a hurry.

– Leaving notes and setting reminders. Sometimes in the morning it is nearly impossible to remember everything, especially if things get rushed. Sometimes it’s hard to remember irregular bills.

But a big thing future you and future me will appreciate: get a good night’s sleep.