Movie Review: JAWS 2!

I hate to short-change a movie, but I’m short-changing Jaws 2 because I’ve got a plane to catch early tomorrow.

This is a decent sequel and an above-average shark flick. I enjoyed it, and the scene where Brody thinks the swarm of fish are a shark is something I saw as a kid that stuck with me — the humiliation, the further fuel on the fire that he’s a nut about sharks. It was a good scene, a great scene even. Then after when his kid helps him clean up… rough.

I’ll insert more here when I get back from my trip on Wednesday.

Report Card:
Running Time: An hour fifty-six.
Shark Death Total: Five by my count, again, but some of the teenagers were very generic…
Acting: Good, mostly.
Shark Effects: Good.
Gun Use: I enjoyed the collecting of the shells from a revolver… revolvers don’t eject shells usually.
Gore: No kidding.
Creepy? Not to an adult.
Funny? Some of it.
Nudity: No.
Pacing: Pretty good for a long movie and a sequel.