Movie Review: Jaws: The Revenge

The fourth, final, and worst of the Jaws franchise.

This is the worst movie in the franchise by far. This might end up being the worst movie I review in this series: next week I’m doing the Meg, which was pretty damned entertaining. This… this was hard to sit through. The things we do for love.

I found out after watching this that it was a rushed production and that makes sense. It seems like a bad made for TV movie with a too big budget. The shark doesn’t seem as realistic. The acting was off. Michael Caine’s worst movie. No question.

I don’t want to talk more about this movie than I have the previous two, so I’m just going to skip to the report card. Don’t see this unless you are on a completionist quest to see all the Jaws movies.

Report Card:
Running Time: An hour thirty-two.
Shark Death Total: Two, and a franchise. Should have kept it to five.
Acting: Average or less.
Shark Effects: It feels like a step back in some places.
Gun Use: No.
Gore: No kidding.
Creepy? Not to an adult.
Funny? Eh.
Nudity: No.
Pacing: Herky-jerky pacing and it felt a lot longer than it was.