Movie Review: 28 Days Later

But wait, that’s a zombie movie!

Nope — these aren’t zombies. They are infected. With a virus. Which makes it qualify for this series.

I like this movie, even though one of the first scenes is an odd dick-view. Do they leave people naked in English hospitals? The gist of the story, though: some enviro-nuts let out animals from a lab, and some of them are infected with the “rage virus.” This causes an outbreak of fast-moving zo- infected. These are not slow rotting undead. These fuckers are quick, and they’re mad as hell. There’s no quit to them, no reason, and they aren’t hungry for brains.

The virus itself is fast-acting, as we learn. It turns someone from normal to insane rage in a matter of minutes.

We follow our main character through lots of troubles with the infected — and with the collapse of society, and with other people. It’s a great thrill ride. And, maybe I’m biased, since this is more of a true horror film, but I’m putting this one at the top.

1. 28 Days Later
2. Contagion
3. Outbreak

Back next week with another one!

Report card:
Runtime: An hour fifty-three.
Acting: Great.
Effects: The infected and the gore are done well.
Violence: And how.
Dead Townsfolk: England.
Revenge Kills: Sort of, but spoiler.
Gun Use: Lots of it, nothing too outrageous.
Gore: A good amount.
Creepy? Here and there.
Monster Type? “The rage virus” which is sort of a super-rabies I guess.
Monster Ick Factor: The effects.
Funny? There’s some humor, but not really.
Nudity: Straight up ding-dong to open the movie.
Pet Death: Well, there’d have to be.
Pacing: Pretty damn good.