Movie Review: The Omega Man (1971)

Hate to do another short one, but it’s my birthday, and…

This is a good movie. Technically, I Am Legend is a remake of this, but they are so very different. The most struggle I’ve had so far was where the ran this one, given that it is so similar to the last. I’ve decided to revise my standings after giving it some thought, and this movie is tied with I Am Legend, but also, with 28 Weeks Later. I came to this by deciding if I could only watch one of them, I wouldn’t be able to choose.

1. 28 Days Later
2. Contagion
3. Outbreak
4. 12 Monkeys
5. 28 Weeks Later
5. I Am Legend
5. The Omega Man

12. Toxic Skies.
13. Pandemic

Report card:
Runtime: An hour thirty-eight.
Acting: Good.
Effects: Pretty good for the time.
Violence: Quite a lot.
Dead Townsfolk: Most of us.
Revenge Kills: Kind of.
Gun Use: Hard to keep track of.
Gore: Not so much.
Creepy? No.
Monster Type? A virus.
Monster Ick Factor: No.
Funny? No.
Nudity: Female breasts and butt.
Pet Death: Well, there would have to be.
Pacing: Good for the time period.