Hello World!

Re-purposing the title of the sample post for this; I’m making another switch with my blogs, to become more focused on writing, and a system for making sure I write regularly and hold myself accountable. That’ll be most of the posts here, though I’m also unable to resist posting random thoughts.

The big goal for this site in 2018 is to be a negativity free zone — which means politics have been left at the door, unless something incredibly bizarre happens. Politics and the whinging thereof have encroached into so many areas of our lives, I want a “safe space” to think and talk without worrying about what the big parties, the media, and the online activists (and trolls) are ranting about today.

For this reason, I’ll only be focusing on positives — including by reviewing stuff I enjoy — sharing the good — for anyone awesome enough to read this blog.

You may notice a weird quote at the bottom. These are random from a list, and some of them are old AIM status messages I’ve stuck up because they were funny to me at one point or another.