Sprint 4 Review/Sprint 5 Kick Off — “Eager Elk”

Eager in the Romantic Sense

Sprint 4 was another unbridled disaster, and there are two clear reasons for this aside from my own discipline and external factors:

– A lack of daily responsibility
– A lack of planning.

This will not happen again, he claims unjustifiably.

A big huge problem with my system lately is that I’ve allowed myself a lot of freedom without any structure. I don’t plan what story I’m going to write (I did in the successful first sprint), I don’t plan the story I do end up writing on, and I don’t structure the sprint correctly: I check in once a week or so. This is disastrous, as we’ve seen three times in a row now. That’s nine weeks of failure. That’s a lot of failure that can be easily avoided.

In Eager Elk, we’re going to avoid that by planning, and here’s the first step:

– I’m going to only count words on the Eager Elk story, which in this case will be a Punk-type story set in the future. We’ll see how much I can milk out of that in 21 days.

Step two:

– I’m going to take today’s free time and instead of staring blankly at a word processor, I’m going to outline in detail the first arc of the story. Some of that already exists, so I will find those notes and put them all together.

Step three:

– I will update the blog at least once a day, barring unforseen circumstances, even if I just say, “No progress.”

Here’s to a successful Sprint 5.