WordPress: Annoying and Stupid

Maybe the old way was better

Many moons ago, I updated and crafted webpages from scratch. At one point that was just The Way You Did It. You updated stuff by hand. After some time, CSS came along and you could cast the style across the site completely, and that was freaking sweet. Then we found ourselves in the dark days of PHP, and WordPress.

Lately WordPress is irritating the ever-lovin’ shit out of me. There is a figurative pile of irritating, ever-lovin’ electronic shit flying toward WordPress. I’ve considered doing things by hand again, and it’s a consideration I don’t undertake lightly.

I am not a patient designer when it comes to graphical interfaces, and this is really the only thing holding me back. But damn, there must be a better way. Here’s some of the weird-ass behavior I’m experiencing:

– WordPress likes to log me out when using certain devices and browsers, with seemingly no reason for it. I go from one page to another and get re-directed to login. Again. Checking the “Remember Me” box is ignored.

– I feel like every other day there’s a new version available.

– The level of control of any layout seems entirely up to the theme designer. Thus, every time I want to change something (and this goes back before the Cigars and Legs updates), I end up having to fight with the theme. If it’s not something the theme makes available to customize, I need to change themes.

The top one is obviously the most pressing. But I’m just tired of technology that doesn’t mind me.

(And that’s all folks; the trouble I had with this post sealed the deal.)