Ok, I’ve been absent a lot on the blog compared to my big talk about involvement, but that aside.


Two years ago, we* met in the second round. We went home early. They won the cup.

One year ago, we met again in the second round. We went home early. They won the cup.

This year, we met again in the second round.

This year, the Penguins went home early, and we’re aimed squarely at Tampa Bay for the first Conference Finals in 20 years. I’m speaking, of course, of the Capitals and their lopsided rivalry with the Penguins. It seems like we’ve always had their number in regular season, and they’ve always had ours in playoffs. Well, not anymore. The monkey is gone.

First, to the Pens fans who were decent and not obnoxious over the last three years (yes, both of you): See you in the fall, when you’ll likely be more potent and have some rest.

Second, to the fans who were saying Pens in 4, then Pens in 5, or other obnoxious things, constantly whining on forums about every little hit, chanting “YOU CAN’T BEAT US” in Washington, and so on and so forth: Go fuck yourselves, and the mule yins rode in on. Thanks, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

* Yes, I say “we” when speaking about a team I back. It’s easier, for one, and for two, no, idiot, I’m not a part of the team nor do I think I am, but I own the losses and the wins equally. I’ve chosen to make the emotional investment in my team-tribe, and I don’t care for your snarky bullshit anymore than the “whoo sportball” dweebs. I’ve long since grown out of defining who I am or how cool I am based on what I don’t like or understand. Thanks, bye.