Standup: Focus and Discipline

Clearly, when looking back over the pattern of posts I’ve made here, the number one issue I’m having with writing is focus and discipline. This sort of misbehavior spills over into almost everything I do, actually, which is something I have to hold myself accountable for. Writing this blog was meant to force me to stare those issues down and work around them but after a strong start I’ve spent several months being the same way about this.

Excuses are legion. Work is hard. There’s yardwork to be done. I need to focus on something else instead. What really ends up happening is I kill my productivity with stupid interent time-sinks. I don’t know why I care so much about day to day political drama, but it is the crutch that sucks all my time, and I don’t even participate myself. I just consume this, or I consume other garbage.

That has to change.

Anything I can read in a web browser I should probably skip reading. I’m going to stop refreshing my RSS reader so often. Social media is right out.

I intend to hold myself to higher standards than I have been. Hopefully, I can make myself do that by aiming just a little higher than I have been.