Movie Review: Seedpeople

This one was an interesting one, for certain definitions of interesting, that suffered mostly from the pacing. Here’s the description:

The citizens of Comet Valley are being taken over by seeds from an alien plant that has taken root there. A sheriff investigates the strange goings-on.

Sounds rough. Unfortunately, so is this movie. There are only two moments when it is funny on purpose: a farmer comes across the plants produced by the seedpeople, and says: “What in the ding dong heckama doodle hell is that?” And later, the daughter of one of the men turned into a seedperson reacts to him by shouting “You’re not my Daddy!” To be fair, that might have been accidentally funny.

The pacing just kills this movie as everything seems so stretched out and slow, until the last fifteen or so minutes. Then you have everything come together, you have some heroic sacrifice, you get an explosion and some fights. The weird narrative device (being told after the fact) pays off with a nice horror movie twist.

The Mandroid sequel had better pacing. Between the weird yet required narrative arc, and the just general feel this would be better as an episode of Tales from the Dark Side (not a full length film), this movie is a B movie in name only — it’d be a solid D-movie else wise.

Rescue Me fans might care that Andrea Roth is in it, but I didn’t even recognize her until the credits, so it’s not even got that “hey I know someone in it” vibe going for it.

Acting: Definitely mixed, but some of that may be the blank emotions of the seedpeople.
Effects: Pretty good for an early 90s movie about seed people.
Violence: Mostly human on seedperson.
Gun Use: Nothing made me want to hurt myself. I think there were mostly revolvers in the movie and they didn’t get fired a whole lot. Oh, there was a bit of shotgun use.
Gore: Kind-of. The plant ejaculate causes a sort of gorey effect.
Creepy? Not at all.
Monster Type? Seedpeople.
Funny? Two lines stood out as funny, both mentioned above. Otherwise, never on purpose.
Nudity: No.
Pacing: A snail going uphill encounters more interesting drama.