Movie Review: Creepozoids

Note to self: CreepOzoids, CreepOzoids, I cannot say how many times I wanted to call this movie CreepAzoids.

Your flesh will CRAWL right off your SKIN! Set in a futuristic 1998, six years after an apocalyptic nuclear war, a group of army deserters take refuge from ‘acid rain’ in a seemingly abandoned laboratory complex…a band of desperate deserters flee into the desert, they stumble across an underground lab where they discover a horror even greater than war itself.

Admittedly, I went out of order for this one. Mostly because of the title — it sounded right up the B-movie alley. Unfortunately, it is a little more… I don’t even know, it just fell a lot shy of what I expected. The ending was all-right, the premise was all-right, but the acting and pacing really dragged it down in my opinion.

Also, apparently there is no soap or bras in the future. Well, the future version of 1998.

The description is pretty clear on what the plot is. When they’re in the abandoned lab, they come across some sort of demon/alien monster that mostly seems to prefer working off-screen. A lot of the time not showing can help, but in this case it felt pretty clearly like they just didn’t have the budget to really show the monster off. That doesn’t necessarily take away from a B-movie, but I can certainly see how this one might be considered a little less.

That said, it was still better than — well, actually… this movie might have tied Seedpeople. I think I’ve learned my lesson about skipping around on my planned order for reviews.

Running Time: One hour, eleven minutes, fifty-four seconds according to Amazon.
Acting: Below average.
Effects: Not totally a disaster. The demon/alien baby monster was pretty good.
Violence: Oh yes. Mostly human on demon/alien.
Gun Use:: Nutso. They had laser guns, though, so…
Gore: Oh my, was there ever.
Creepy? Not a bit.
Monster Type? Demon/alien things.
Funny? So-so.
Nudity: Yes. Gratuitous.
Pacing: Starts slow and sort of ends slow despite a raucous finale.