Game of Thrones: Two Episodes of THAT

Unless next week they show us Cersei and the southern half of the continent for the entire show, we should finally get the Battle of Winterfell next week. The battle hinted at since the first trailer.

I’m more convinced than ever that a lot of people we like are going to die, and as many as possible are going to be circular deaths.

Jaime is clearly going to die (Bran: “How do you know there is an after?”), probably doing something quite heroic.

Tormund might die saving Brienne.

Gendry just signed his death warrant. There’s no way Arya doesn’t get some further tragedy to harden her for what she’s up to next.

Tyrion is out of character stupid.

Dany is out of character annoying. Something about her the last two or three seasons has just become grating. She’s too demanding and pompous of people. That does not make for a good leader.

The irony of all ironies would be if Dolorous Edd survived and no other main character did.