Movie Review: Bait

And now we’re done with Shark movies:

First off: What is up with Julian McMahon’s voice in this movie?

Second: This is a nice, different take on shark movies. The folks get stuck in a grocery store when a tsunami hits. It floods the town and brings the sharks to land. There is a LOT of extra drama going on with the characters, so we don’t just get random folks thrown together — a lot of them know and have issues with the others.

It’s a holiday week so I’m going to keep this review kind of short. Decent movie, decent effects, everything is set up well. It’s not the worst shark movie I watched — obviously, after last week — and it’s a nice one-off movie. It’s better than some of the four Sharknado movies I reviewed, too, and it’s better than Sand Sharks and the last Jaws movie. So that puts it in the top half of the bracket. It’s an all around decent B-movie.

Which is what it is meant to be — A B-movie. If that’s your thing, this might be your movie.

Report Card:
Running Time: An hour and a half, give or take.
Shark Death Total: Five by shark directly.
Acting: It depends on the actor. Hits and misses.
Shark Effects: Pretty decent.
Gun Use: Not over the top.
Gore: Also not over the top.
Creepy? No.
Funny? Here and there.
Nudity: No.
Pacing: It takes a good amount of the movie to get everyone into position, but it’s not bad.