Movie Review — Wounds (2019)

Well, this one is different.

In this film, Armie Hammer plays a jaded alcoholic. I’m going to keep calling him Armie Hammer though because his name is cooler than any character. Some college kids did some witchcraft and unleashed something awful, which soon attaches itself to the characters in the movie. Armie is generally… hollow. He doesn’t take joy in anything, and I’m not even sure he likes drinking. He’s not happy with his job, or his girlfriend (and is always trying to get with another woman, though he may only like her because she shares his passion for getting drunk).

This movie has a problem in that every character is really hard to like or root for. Also the ghost is way more believable than the week day breakfast time these people have. It is also set in New Orleans and it REALLY WANTS YOU TO KNOW. The guy spends the entire movie wearing a Morgus the Magnificent shirt and every beer I got a good look at was a local brewery (and I’ve had most of them at one time or another). I mean, for real — this movie does everything but hit you over the head with New Orleans.

That said, this is actually pretty good. It’s different and more psychological than a lot of Witchy stuff. There’s nothing overtly stupid, and for all the flaws of Armie’s character, everyone has come across a person like this. He pretty much lives to get fucked up. He’s decent to his friends but quick to turn because he lives to get fucked up. There’s something almost Southern Gothic about how fucked up it all is.

Worth seeing, especially since it’s free on Hulu.

Report card:
Runtime: 94 minutes.
Acting: Decent and up.
Effects: Pretty good.
Violence: And then some.
Dead Townsfolk: I’m only positive that one person died.
Revenge Kills: No.
Gun Use: No.
Gore: More than I’m comfortable with.
Creepy? No.
Monster Type? College kids and witchcraft
Monster Ick Factor: Ayep.
Funny? A little, in places.
Nudity: No.
Pet Death: No.
Pacing: Good.

Sorry for the weird/short post last week, Monday last was a pain.