Game of Ashes: Review and Thoughts

Spoilers ahead.

What a bunch of poorly written garbage. It is very clear that the writers have zero idea how battles work. Also, Dany somehow got her hands on a Game Genie and here are the three codes she used: Infinite Dragon Fire, Unlimited Unsullied, Unlimited Dothraki (??? They were wiped out.)

We did get the Clegane fight, and it was one of the highlights of the episode. I hate losing the Hound but unless we see a body… there’s always a chance. I mean we were pretty clearly shown the Dothraki getting wiped out after all.

Dany has gone mad. There’s no sugar-coating that. The bitch crazy.

I guess technically Dany is a younger sibling and she caused Cersei’s death. Sort of. I guess.

As for where we are now… there’s no way Dany and Sansa can make it out of this alive. I can’t imagine Jon allowing his family to die after what he’s just seen. Also, how stupid does Tyrion feel right now?


– Jon is going to kill Dany. There’s no other outcome. He kills the woman he loves — he is Azor Ahai after all. What happens to him next is going to probably be stupid. I don’t see him having the fortitude to rule. Like Varys, I hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t see Jon ruling anymore. The tedious and poorly written changes to his character are going to stop that. So either the Unsullied will kill him, or he’s going to fuck-off and go hang out with Tormund and Ghost (this is probably the funniest ending).

– I think technically Tyrion is in line for the throne, in a way: Cersei is his older sibling and she’s gone now. Without Dany and Jon…

– If the ending of the show is anything like the books, then we will have confirmed that GRRM is good at writing flowery prose but he sucks at putting together a story. Every step is just “do the most shocking thing.” That’s not story-telling. That’s a Shock Jock with a copy of WordStar or whatever he uses.

I’m not pleased, and it’s not just because I don’t like the direction things are going. It’s because the direction is aimless and stupid. WHY is everyone suddenly a moron?