PodCast Review: Myths and Legends

Changing it up a bit from the comedian-centric podcasts, time for a very different and very interesting one: The Myths and Legends Podcast.

Now, the nice thing about this podcast is the breadth of potential topics — the show could go on for years because there are so many myths and so many legends across cultures. Even the ones I have heard of are tackled in an interesting, historical way — he delves deep.

So far there are 214 different episodes, broken down into 149 different myths and legends. The podcasts aren’t overly long despite being very in-depth, and are broken into easy to listen to chunks. This isn’t a boring lecture droning on and on. He keeps it fun and light. The stories that span multiple episodes are assigned letters: “149A, 149B,” and so on.

As indicated, the topics are vast and spread across cultures — ancient Greek history, King Arthur, Mulan, the real Aladdin story. They’re covered based on the actual stories that were told, not Hollywood adaptations. While subsequent generations always put a new spin on stories they pass down, it’s quite interesting to learn the original presentation (at least, as much as possible).

Anyone who is interested in old tales, mythology, the legends of yore — this is a great podcast to listen to!