PodCast Review: Strange Tales! (Relic Radio)

As mentioned in the Case Closed review, there are multiple Relic Radio podcasts that showcase a variety of old time radio shows. And to get in the spirit of all things creepy as Halloween season is beginning, I’m going to hit one of those today: Strange Tales.

Our friends at Relic Radio put this one together, and boy, did they do a good job. This isn’t quite limited to horror — they have another show, The Horror!, that covers that. These are often horror stories, though, but there’s also some latitude in the subject matter. Some of these old shows are absolute treasures, too.

There is some spill-over of the shows they feature with other podcasts: X Minus One is mostly science fiction, and appears on their Sci-Fi show. Suspense also appears on their Thriller show, and several like CBS Mystery Theatre, appear on multiple different shows. That’s the advantage of Strange Tales: the story can be in any genre, so long as it’s… Strange.

This is absolutely one of my favorite series’ they run, second only to Case Closed. This is one of my favorite fiction podcasts and the variety is a big part of why. I cannot recommend it enough as a primer to get into a Spooky Fall Time mood. It goes great with some nice, dull lighting and a house all to yourself…